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 Laura  Fox

Laura, the New Earth is manifesting in the space you provide. ~Tom Hartman

Experience the magic of your innate powers of creation through Visionary Stewardship with author, new paradigm instigator, filmmaker, gourmet vegan raw food chef and instructor, workshop facilitator, and founder of Anchor the Dream LLC and Raw Inspirations. Laura has been fascinated by reality creation and manifesting for many years. On an essential spiritual path since she was young, Laura created and leads the THE ANCHOR THE DREAM EXPERIENCE, which combines reality creation teachings with shamanic visioning and theatrical antics, culminating in visionary performances that dial in new harmonious blueprints into our collective consciousness. According to reality creation principles, what we think-feel-believe-act-as-if is real must manifest. Many apply these teachings individually with excellent results, as depicted in movies such as What the Bleep Do We Know and The Secret. Anchor The DreamAnchor The Dream Experience at the Raw Spirit Fest on Sunday right after lunch on the workshop stage. leverages this principle on behalf of our collective planetary co-creations. Laura will lead an

Laura is a vibrant, service oriented raw foodist, dedicated to cultivating leaders of the new paradigm. She is producing a film called VISIONARY STEWARDSHIP which teaches reality creation techniques while applying and seeking out down-to-earth methods to create sustainable solutions to global challenges. She is assisting Zak Shuman with his film called UNCOOKED, scheduled to make it's international debut at Raw Spirit Fest 2007. Her monthly e-zine Raw Inspirations boasts over 20 amazing global contributors and is a free inspirational subscription at Festival presenters and the festival itself will be featured in each issue. Laura is delighted to be serving as staff and on the advisory board for the Raw Spirit Festival 2007.

Laura Fox is the author of Return To Center: That Address Now Known and the spoken audio CD, Anchoring the New Dream of Earth: Visionary Stewardship for Planetary Transformation. 

Laura Fox will be speaking  Saturday morning on the main indoor stage about Visionary Stewardship, and presenting a workshop called Anchoring The New Dream of Earth at 2:00pm on Sunday, October 14 at the Raw Spirit Festival, the Grandest Raw Food Inspirational Celebration on Earth!


Here's what people are saying about Anchor The Dream!

You’re the perfect person to offer this process because you are not only of a very high spiritual level but your exuberance is infectious and loads of fun!   It is great to see somebody who is truly walking the talk.  ~Gina Marques

Great workshop...........far exceeded my expectations.  Energized me to focus on shifting my consciousness and that of our beloved earth and universe. ~Chantal Andrews

…LIBERATING and INSPIRING! I am released from unhelpful, and self limiting thought patterns. And I feel Inspired to see the possibilities. We took the time to look deeper within and reach out in fellowship for the good of our living EARTH!!   YIPPEEEE!     WHAT A CONCEPT! You are the spark, starting up this HEALING MOVEMENT. Thank You!  ~Timothy Waywalker

I felt so blessed to be with everyone and I had so much fun. My DNA is imprinting still as we speak. You are an amazing teacher…Radiance are you…. I am in gratitude.
~Love and light, Amy Davis



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